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Graphic Design Services Kenya

Are you looking to create or revamp your websites, brochures or digital marketing and advertising content? Connect with our team, and find the best design options! From logos, banners, food menus to high-end corporate presentations, our graphic design services in Kenya cover all.

We are Expert Kenya Graphic Designers offering fantastic graphic design services, best graphics design services in Nairobi. Make your omnichannel marketing and sales more powerful through highly consistent, market-segment oriented designs that enhance visual satisfaction. Connect with us and fulfill all design needs from website designs to print and packaging.

Why Opt for Our Graphic Design Services in Kenya

Your logo, web designs, catalogs, digital marketing content pieces, printed sales collateral…the value of these depends on how they are designed. Are they presenting your business outlook and value propositions in the right manner? Using the services of highly competent graphic design companies in Kenya enables you to create impactful visual communication instruments.

Establish Visual Brand Identity

Customers come across brochures, letterheads, presentations, business cards, and so many other documents. Consistency of design, harmony of colors, elegance and visual interaction elements helps you establish a good brand identity.

Strengthen Advertising

Successful advertising campaigns also depend on visual impact for their success. However brilliant your ideas for advertising, combining them with good graphics is essential for making them work!

Enhance Sales

You are finally able to connect to a great client. When it is time, however, to send a presentation of your portfolio or services, the quality of design makes or breaks your image. Superior graphics also speak aloud about the value you accord to your customers.

Build Trust and Goodwill

Whether it is a restaurant menu or an event poster, an announcement of product launch or a new office, make a better impact through highly professional graphic designs The quality of designs connects with notions of trust, credibility and business value.

Types of Graphic Design Services We Offer

Logo and Branding

Your logos represent your business function, its core message. Logo designs need to capture this intangible business insight perfectly, while making an instant connect with customers. Through our graphic design services in Kenya, make your logos powerful and memorable.

Product Catalogs

Hire our graphic designers Kenya team to improve the visibility of each SKU. You might need HD graphics or superimposed images. You might need animated GIFs of products, find experts who can create the best product catalogs for you.

Sales Promotion Material

With our Kenya graphic designer team at your service, make intelligent sales promotion material – the right mix of design, layout, backgrounds, symbols, text and graphics. Benefit from visual communication tactics suiting customer needs and emotions.

Restaurant Menus

Get in touch with our graphic design company (Kenya) for creating restaurant menus that tell your restaurant’s story. Make it vibrant or simple, suave or inspired, as suits your menu items, its flavors and concepts.

Web Design

For web designs that successfully communicate your brand identity and corporate message, and highlight product strengths, get in touch with our Kenya graphic designer experts.

Application Front-End UI/UX

We also have specialists for application front-end UI/UX design services. This includes gaming apps, e-commerce apps, delivery apps, educational apps and business service apps. Make your app UI/UX designs user-friendly and smart through our services.

Event Promotion Material

The objective of events could differ from networking, liasoning, recruitments, training, marketing, etc. or it could be for celebrations and launches. Whatever be the goal, make your promotional material communicate the message successfully through our services.

Banners and Hoarding

Whether you need graphic design services for web banners for driving more organic traffic or for display banners and hoardings, get superior quality services from us. Our graphic design company in Kenya has a rich experience in this domain.

Social Media Design

Make your social media profiles, campaigns and ads customized and personalized through our social media design expertise. With brand-focused social images, improve your social networking and brand visibility. Connect with us and know more!


A lot of key messaging gets lost in paragraphs of text, whether it is your blogs, landing pages, brochure or product guides. Contact us now, Kenya’s Best graphic designers for high quality infographics. Get the best layouts, color schemes, icons and fonts that make a strong visual impact.

Books and Magazines

Our graphic design Kenya team comprises book and magazine graphic design experts, who have worked on 100+ projects. Draw from our experience to make your book covers and magazine pages win instant reader interest.

We Also Offer Graphic Design Services for the Following Categories

  • Digital Marketing Graphic Design
  • Advertising and Sales Graphic Design
  • Website and Application Graphic Design
  • Print Media Graphic Design
  • Product and Packaging Graphic Design
  • Art and Illustration Graphic Design
  • Mobile App Graphic Design

Why Should You Choose CodeTribe Kenya For Graphic Design?

CodeTribe Kenya offers graphic design services in Kenya in both B2B and B2C space. Our graphic designer team can work as an extension of your digital marketing and branding team to fulfill all design requirements. Over 10 years, we have delivered on diverse design needs, and built capacities to meet wide-ranging project requirements.

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