5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Website Traffic You Need

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Everything in business always comes back to this simple formula — you need more leads, more sales, and more lifetime customers. If you can spend all of your “business owner” time focusing on those 3 simple areas of your business, you will make more money and be more successful every single year. Simple, simple, simple. (Simple is good.) But in order to make ALL of this happen, you need more traffic. Lifetime customers come from buyers, buyers come from leads, and leads come from TRAFFIC.

So if you’re sitting there banging your head against your computer trying to figure out why you’re not getting the traffic you need, you’re in the right place. I’ve boiled it down to the 5 culprits. Fix these problems, and you’ll get the traffic you need. Here we go…

1. You’re not blogging.

Anytime someone asks me “What’s wrong with my website?” or “What’s wrong with my web marketing strategy?” — the first place I look is their blog. Most of the time, the blog doesn’t exist. The rest of the time, the blog exists but it’s a proverbial graveyard. Not having a blog today is like not having a website at all used to be. You absolutely must be blogging, and you must be doing it at least a few times per week if you expect to see results.

2. You’re not active on social media.

The next place I look is for some sign of social media presence. No, this does not mean simply having social media accounts that you’ve “setup” and deserted. I’m looking for specifics like, “How long ago was your last post, share, update, etc on X, Y, and Z social networks?” We always talk about “The Big 3” — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. But at the very least you should be active on 2-3 of these networks.

3. You’re still using “old school” SEO tactics.

Another classic problem area for small business websites is SEO. Despite the fact that SEO has had a major makeover in the last few years, plenty of small business owners and fresh-faced entrepreneurs are still getting bad, outdated information about how to go about doing SEO in today’s Blogging-SEO-Social environment. Get current with SEO, and be sure you’re doing it in an organic, value-focused manner (not a manipulative, link-focused approach).

4. You’re not passing the QRV test.

This one is harder to measure objectively than all the rest because it’s subjective by nature. QRV stands for Quality Relevance Value. It’s our special formula for determining if your website, your content, your blog, your social — your whole web marketing approach is hitting the mark. You need to invest some time to really understand what this means. Read a few good books on marketing and web marketing. Look at what your best competitors are doing, etc.

5. You’re not targeting your customer correctly.

Finally, your web marketing and traffic problem may very well boil down to a fundamental business problem you have. You don’t really know.

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